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Queensland LNP state convention 2015 Motion #20 against government signing Paris UN FCCC agreement jeopardising Australian sovereignty. Passed unopposed

Queensland LNP state convention 2013, opposing laws and regulations enacting UN Agenda 21. Passed unanimously

Anne Bressington, South Australian Upper House MP,
Exposes the UN Agenda 21

Brief summary of UN Agenda 21 by John Smeed,
Co-founder of The Galileo Movement

5. Protecting Freedom

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- Usurping national sovereignty is the aim of fabricating climate alarm

The corruption is clear. The science has been misrepresented and the real world contradicted. The economic threat is enormous. The injustice and immorality are clear.

Why is the government attempting to force carbon dioxide taxing and 'trading' (rationing)? That it chooses to lie and frequently contradict itself is significant.

The government's own actions and contradictions expose its attempt to 'price carbon dioxide' is not about climate. It is about taxation, controlling finances, regulating energy - the lifeblood of modern civilisation - and ceding Australia's rights to binding UN 'treaties'.

Protecting people's lives and property is the fundamental duty of government. Yet now we see the government itself undermining people's freedom.

The threat to freedom is on two levels: national sovereignty and personal freedom.

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Usurping national sovereignty is the aim of fabricating climate alarm

Nature image Australia has already ceded sovereignty in science to the UN. Government agencies such as CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology and Australia's Chief Scientist have promoted the UN IPCC's misrepresentations. Yet cannot provide real-world scientific evidence for their claims. By unscientifically endorsing UN misrepresentations and fabrications they abdicated their responsibility for ensuring scientific integrity and abdicated their responsibility to Australia.

Provisions in the draft Copenhagen 'Treaty' would have ceded Australian national sovereignty to UN treaties. These control energy and finances. Refer to this web site's section 4 (The morality & injustice) and watch this video (four minutes).

Note that the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC) acknowledges benefits to poor nations of economic development from producing carbon dioxide. As quoted in section 4(The morality & injustice), the UN says: "under-developed countries can emit more CO2 to speed up their development". It understands efficiency depends on fuels containing carbon.

The whole massive UN FCCC and UN climate bureaucracy is based on a contradiction of Nature and corruption of science. It's worrying when key clauses and principles are buried and not publicly discussed. It seems that the UN FCCC uses the tactic proven by UNEP and UN IPCC: they sprinkle key material across many sections and chapters buried in a mountain of paper further convoluted by complex bureaucratese and jargon.

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Climate alarm started in Maurice Strong's 1972 control of UNEP

In late 1972, Canadian oil multi-millionaire, Maurice Strong, was appointed the first Secretary-General of the United Nations Environmental Program, UNEP. He is widely recognised as initiating and driving the unfounded campaign against carbon dioxide.

See this web site's section 4 (The morality & injustice) for quotes from Maurice Strong's colourful life. As leader of the UN's fraudulent global warming program he has declared his objective is control via his dream of unelected global governance. His agenda is not hidden, just not discussed.

Many quotes and actions reveal the ultimate aim of the UN's campaign is to instil unelected global governance.

Under Maurice Strong's control UNEP was politicised. Its early reports contradicted science and reportedly led to more than 30 million deaths. See comments in this web site's section 1, The Corruption, especially McLean's work on UNEP and UN IPCC. Eco Fraud_Part 3.pdf

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The UN mechanisms for stealing control

UNEP subsequently corrupted early climate science before co-sponsoring the UN IPCC. The UN IPCC extended politicised misrepresentation of science. Combined, the UN IPCC and UNEP have falsely fabricated global warming and dishonestly wrapped it as an emotive environmental issue.

The UN IPCC has reported directly to the media in each nation and used fear-filled emotive sound bites to capture media attention. That fear and unfounded sensationalism drove citizens to apply pressure to politicians who then attempt to be seen to be taking action.

Simultaneously, some politicians and media have used UN IPCC misrepresentations to manipulate voters. Kevin Rudd's 2007 election campaign did this spectacularly.

Nature image With media pressure driven by the UN IPCC's reports, Kevin Rudd's campaign and the Greens' campaign the tempest became overwhelming. Even political opponents perceived a need to be seen to be taking action on climate. That gave their apparent endorsement of the fraud even if they accurately thought that the 'science' on global warming is "crap".

Climate alarm was initially fabricated through clever manipulation. It has extended itself by cleverly aligning the interests of many beneficiaries. These include bankers eyeing lucrative brokerage commissions on carbon dioxide 'trading' (rationing), academics receiving grants, politicians feeding off public fears and taxes, … Many of these beneficiaries are acting in ignorance or weakness or even in the misled perception of caring for our planet. with nature and humanity_single.pdf page 40.

When corruption and misrepresentation are needed to convince people it indicates there is no merit in the underlying issue. That is confirmed by real-world science proving human production of carbon dioxide did not warm our planet.

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Institutionalising UN control

Statist control failed miserably in the former communist/socialist bloc. It caused economic hardship, poverty and misery. Under its complete failure, maintaining government control led to replacing people's freedom with enforced bureaucratic control and heavy penalty, including death.

Increased central control in the USA and Australia during the last 30 years has been inefficient. Restrictions are often hidden burdens. Yet regulations have made government the greatest waster of resources.

Private property rights, free exchange and personal freedom are being undermined by regulation. Government control is restricting freedom and opportunity. Increasing state control has been highly destructive to personal freedom, creativity, initiative and responsibility.

The UN IPCC and the Australian government have used propaganda. They have used systems to drive behaviour. State and federal systems such as product labelling and programs like 'Climate Smart' change people's behaviour. That leads to attitude change. People soon ignore basic information learned in primary school and are falsely fooled into believing Nature's trace gas is a pollutant.

In Cancun, Mexico on December 10, 2010, Australia's Climate Change Minister Greg Combet, committed our country to reportedly pay $100 million dollars into the UN FCCC's Green Climate Fund, formerly the UN FCCC's Adaptation Fund. Given Australia's ballooning deficits, from where will the money come? Carbon dioxide tax.

The UN's history of systemically low levels of accountability means this money will be likely controlled and squandered by a small band of independent UN bureaucrats.

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Fabricated climate alarm aims to control energy, resources, finances and people

UN Agenda 21 is a global campaign stealthily underway since 1992's Rio Conference. It has three legs:
  • Biodiversity camouflaging the stealing of private property rights;
  • Sustainability camouflaging regulations designed to control people; and,
  • Climate Change ceding national sovereignty and personal freedom to global governance.
All use attractive words and concepts to wrap bogus claims contradicting empirical scientific evidence. UN Agenda 21 is bypassing parliaments in western democracies. All three components falsely claim supposed scientific justification for instilling control over people globally through an unelected and unaccountable bureaucracy.

Download historian Amy McGrath's free book on UN Agenda 21
Wolves-in-Sheeps_Cloting.pdf (

In practice it's revolution by regulation. It bypasses national constitutions including those of America and Australia.

Australian farmers have already lost their property rights and freedom under government restrictions to comply with the Kyoto treaty.

The draft Copenhagen treaty would have given UN control over property rights. We wonder what Greg Combet signed in Cancun as part of the continuing UN push based on its corrupted climate 'science'.

The costs of compliance and of providing redistribution of wealth to poorer nations would be met by taxpayers in developed nations such as Australia.

The UN FCCC and Australian government policy show that fabricated climate alarm is about control of energy - modern civilisation's lifeblood. They who control energy control society - locally, nationally, globally.

Nature image Fabricated climate alarm is about control of finances. First seen in the failed Copenhagen draft treaty, financial controls are being introduced through G20 agreements, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Carbon dioxide 'trading' (rationing) is a means for the UN to derive its own income to fund administration of global governance.

Fabricated climate alarm is about control of resources including water.

Fabricated climate alarm is about control of national sovereignty through binding treaties.

It is about control of people - by removing choices and restricting choices.

The weeks leading to the failed Copenhagen conference exposed key clauses in the UN's draft treaty that then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd seemed so eager to sign on our behalf. Yet he reportedly neglected to ever publicly discuss the treaty's content.

Later it was revealed that nations signing the treaty would cede sovereignty to unelected UN bodies. Those bodies would regulate industry and allocation, ownership and control of land and resources.

That ruling body would, like the current UN climate body, not be accountable to any national governments. Rulers would not be elected by Australians yet their dictates would be enforced on Australians. That's control.

Government interference from Canberra's remote bureaucrats can be highly damaging and often wasteful. Imagine control by bureaucrats from remote UN offices in Geneva or New York. The UN IPCC is not accountable to any national governments. The UN is an unwieldy mechanism for control.

In theory authority rests with the member nations supposedly holding UN agencies accountable. The reality is that the mix of so many competing political interests plays to audiences back home in each of the member nations. The UN is largely unworkable. The UN brings many diverse cultures and customs together, with national representatives having little power in a dauntingly large bureaucracy. In such accountability vacuums, individual bureaucrats control the UN and set the agenda - as Maurice Strong has proven with frightening consequences.

As UNEP and the UN IPCC have demonstrated over almost 40 years, we cannot rely on them. They are the corrupters. Can we rely on national government?

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Will national government and politicians protect citizens?

Nature image The actions of UNEP and the UN IPCC are stunning yet real extensions of the TV series 'Yes, Minister'.

From Palaeoclimatologist, Professor Bob Carter: The Russian Academy of Sciences says that Kyoto has no scientific basis; Andre Illarianov, senior advisor to then Russian president Putin, calls Kyoto-ism* "one of the most aggressive, intrusive, destructive ideologies since the collapse of communism and fascism" As someone from what was formerly the communist USSR, he should know. *carbon dioxide 'trading' (rationing)

Remember that even the wonderful German people were convinced by Hitler to murder fellow countrymen. Stalin convinced and forced Russians to butcher their countrymen. Mao convinced Chinese to murder their countrymen.

Regulating and controlling energy and artificially raising energy prices cuts personal freedom by reducing choices, removing energy options, reducing personal income and placing people under remote central bureaucratic control. Unless this is stopped, we will become wages slaves to the UN.

Regulations are accompanied by enforcement. Reportedly Australian provisions include 'climate police' with immense powers to intrude into and control people's lives. Why is that needed when Australians care for the natural environment and want to contribute to addressing real environmental challenges?

At a time when control is moving toward increasingly remote, increasingly bureaucratic centralisation, we need individual freedom.

Czechoslovakian President Vaclav Klaus has experience under totalitarianism. He has publicly exposed the UN IPCC's efforts as an attempt to suppress freedom. In his book 'Blue Planet, Green Shackles', Klaus confirms unfounded global warming as the core of an assault on freedom. He presents data showing significant measurable improvement in environmental standards in Czechoslovakia since communist control ended. He confirms and explains the importance of freedom for protecting the environment.

Klaus received a standing ovation from a large gathering of international scientists and politicians after delivering a speech in New York, in March 2008.

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Individual freedom threatened

Unfounded climate alarm demonstrates that power in the hands of those few who control the media or effectively control their political parties or bureaucracies is dangerous. In modern democracies such as Australia and the USA freedom is threatened by political parties subverting government and cowering to media influence. In some western nations as people abdicate personal responsibility the party machines take control. Yet they are failing the people.

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How fabricated alarm almost succeeded

The ALP was once the people's party. Why are so many of today's ALP MP's meekly following the party machine and media dominated cowardice?

Some nations refused to fall for the UN's climate corruption. They buy our coal and natural resources.

Nature image Some nations have debated climate and refused to tag along with UN bureaucrats. They put their citizens first. Other nations fell for it and have since paid the self-inflicted economic price. They're now ending renewable energy subsidies and breaking energy treaties.

Yet Australia is now walking alone toward the economic cliff of forced renewable energy compounded with carbon dioxide taxing AND 'trading' (rationing).

Why? Because Kevin Rudd was elected on the promise of doing something about the issue he manufactured into electoral prominence: what he falsely called, quote: "the greatest moral challenge of our time". Later, Julia Gillard reportedly convinced him to jettison it. After the 2010 election she needed the Greens to form government and broke her clear pre-election promise to all Australians. She adopted not just one Greens' policy, she adopted both Greens' policies: carbon dioxide taxes AND carbon dioxide 'trading'.

Are ALP powerbrokers fearful Australians would punish them if they came clean? Driven by fear they continue to treat Aussies as mugs.

Some politicians are intruding into areas citizens should manage for themselves. As government control expands, our freedom is reduced. Citizens are forced to serve politicians - in Canberra and in the UN's remote Geneva and New York bureaucracies.

As polls turn strongly against the notion of human causation of Earth's latest modest cyclic global warming that ended around 1998, the polls on taxing or 'trading' CO2 are growing strongly negative. With the percentage of those opposing 'pricing carbon' now double that of supporters the momentum has changed and is now building against climate corruption.

In a recent small internet poll in a newspaper that has been strongly advocating 'putting a price on carbon', opposition is now almost 23 times support: 95.33% vs 4.21%

Despite the corruption and absence supporting scientific evidence, in late 2009 our country was just one opposition member's vote from having carbon dioxide 'trading' (rationing) thrust down its throat.

Both sides of Australian politics are known to contain significant percentages of sceptics in parliament and in cabinet. Among ALP members of parliament, public dissent seems prohibited. Among Liberals it's tolerated. Yet, on the whole both parties are afraid of upsetting the media.

Strong government is sacrificed for fear of dissent. If the people's representatives cannot speak up on behalf of their constituents, what is the point in having representatives?

Politicians have a responsibility to represent their constituents. When that is sacrificed to party powerbrokers' threats, voters are simply electing highly paid puppets.

This occurs despite many politicians unquestionably entering politics to serve their nation. Is the party system corrupting parliament and government?

It appears that many members of parliament are not fulfilling their responsibility to the people. As the UN IPCC waged its campaign of falsities, media coverage misled people. People turned as the corruption and futility emerge and when confronted by the costs of taxing every aspect of their cost of living. Bewildered politicians now wonder about turning.

Politicians are now beginning to panic and are starting to listen. Yet the ALP is trapped in the spin that propelled Kevin Rudd into Prime Ministership. Now that people are showing they can exercise due diligence, there is no need for a middleman on many issues. It is time for power to be returned to the people.

It seems that politicians abdicated their responsibility to do their due diligence. In essence the nation was governed by a mixture of UN IPCC corruption, prominent academic advocates for the UN IPCC, the media, party spin-doctors and party powerbrokers. All with no evidence.

During this period billions of dollars were squandered to spin eco-friendly images for frightened politicians cowering to the fear of generating unfavourable media headlines.

True scientists have always taken pride in being called sceptics. That is their first duty. Now those who were labelled deniers and smeared with far worse are the growing majority. Although racial vilification is condemned, vilification for making decisions based on data was promoted by parliamentarians.

Australia can thank a small band of brave scientists for holding ground until the politicians started awaking. Except for them and one opposition vote, Australia would now have a carbon dioxide 'trading' (rationing) scheme and be serving the UN FCCC.

The failure of many politicians has exposed our weak parliament. The circus known as unfounded climate alarm proves we need to minimise government intrusion and control

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A minority of politicians seems to understand - yet that's not enough

Nature image Seemingly a small minority of politicians such as Senator Steve Fielding, Dennis Jensen (parliament's only physicist), Luke Simpkins and Coalition senators have the courage to investigate and understand the science for themselves. Yet many frightened politicians blindly followed the polls stirred by Kevin Rudd's campaign of falsities and its accompanying media frenzy.

At state level, former NSW ALP Treasurer Michael Costa had no hesitation in publicly dismissing unfounded climate alarm. Queensland's Rob Messenger was in the LNP and is currently an independent. He has the courage and integrity to speak out publicly against fabricated global warming claims.

Kevin Rudd admits that the current federal cabinet contains strong opponents to taxing and 'trading' (rationing) carbon dioxide. Why do they not speak out publicly? The answer explains why ALP membership is plummeting.

That many politicians on all major parties are sceptics yet afraid to state that publicly reflects the core issue: we cannot afford to let weak and corruptible politicians have control.

Humanity's relentless crawl out of bondage during the last 5,000 years has been hit by setbacks such as the dark ages and central control in the eastern block. The march to freedom accelerated with the availability of cheap energy and freedom vital to creativity and initiative.

The massive 39-year campaign by key UN bureaucrats is crumbling before the onslaught of a worldwide people's movement led by scientists protecting the scientific process. This shows free people have earned the right to be trusted. We can govern ourselves.

The growing global people's movement exposing unfounded climate alarm was initially led by eminent scientists, notably those within the UN IPCC shocked at the politicisation of science. It has grown to bring down governments. It has spread to awaken people. It is time for people to be free.

It is time for people to be given more power to freely make decisions for greater control over their own lives. It is time for real freedom to be returned to millions of hearts and minds liberated to make independent decisions.

Belonging to the human community and enjoying freedom of choice means people take responsibility, the most powerful form of protection. Freedom's hope rests in personal liberty and responsibility through choice.

Nature image Dr Maria Montessori provided arguably the most comprehensive observation of human development over almost six decades. Her objective observations are based on a profound understanding of children's and adult's universal human needs. She concluded, quote: "Discipline and freedom are so co-related that, if there is some lack of discipline, the cause is to be found in some lack of freedom." Freedom is essential for responsibility.

In fabricated climate alarm the key issue is freedom. Freedom is fundamental and needs to be protected.

Do we want to return to our recent ancestors' low and dangerous levels of health, life expectancy, security, disease, transport, exposure to weather, drudgery, toil, hardship, isolation, …?

What will a Carbon Dioxide Tax do for you? It will:

  • Increase your electricity bill
  • Increase your water bill
  • Increase your petrol bills
  • Increase your gas bills
  • Increase all transportation costs
  • Increase the cost of all transported goods
  • Increase intrusion and control by bureaucrats into your life
  • Increase the cost of every part of your cost of living
  • Export jobs overseas
  • Hurt the environment
  • Kill freedom, choice, responsibility
  • Make no difference to the climate
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End statism: return control to the people and return government to its core responsibility - protecting life and property

Government's core responsibility is protecting citizens' lives and property. Not control of property and people.

Government is supposedly responsible to the citizens. It's supposed to serve citizens.

By diverting attention and resources onto Nature's essential trace gas, carbon dioxide, government is diverting resources away from real threats, natural and human. By corrupting science, government is failing in its core role - protecting the people.

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Forgiveness is needed for clear thinking to protect freedom

We need to forgive those who threaten our sovereignty and personal freedom. True forgiveness brings clarity of mind and personal freedom. Clear thinking is needed to protect national freedom.

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Please join us in showing you care by understanding the core to drive a cure

Care: As humans we each inherently care for our self, our family, friends, humanity, fellow creatures and our beautiful planet.

Activists and politicians hijacked our inherent care by triggering fear and guilt for the perceived damage they fabricated and blamed on humanity. Conversely and perversely they appealed to our inherent care to 'fix' it.

Nature image Uninformed care can do enormous damage. It killed 30 million people who died needlessly from malaria before the UN's politically driven ban on DDT was lifted. Eco Fraud_Part 3.pdf

Uninformed desire to address fabricated global warming would likely cause many more than 30 million deaths.

Core: To be effective, care needs to be based first on understanding the core issues.

Understanding the core, we can then propose a cure to express our care.

Join the rapidly growing spontaneous people's movement that has stopped and is reversing UN climate madness in America, South America, Asia, and Eurasia. It's now causing Europeans to pause and ask the questions they should have asked 20 years ago.

Facing cost-of-living pressures why 'tithe' our income to wasteful UN bureaucrats while tossing away our sovereignty and personal freedom? Why do it for no possible benefit to the environment and only harm? Why?

Only we can free ourselves from being hijacked. We need to support science and Nature to appreciate and celebrate life. That restores confidence and trust in us.

Show you care: please support us in exposing the UN's core misrepresentation of science and promoting the cure: ending government control of energy. End damaging carbon dioxide taxes and 'trading' (rationing). Now.

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Challenge to a debate

The eight Australian academics prominent in promoting human causation of warming are challenged to debate publicly at a mutually acceptable venue with a mutually acceptable chairperson. The debate will include: - The UN IPCC - the basis of the government climate policy - Real-world science - the only sound basis of climate policy - The economics - the impacts of climate policy

More details in section 2 - The Science & Futility.

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Please protect Australia's sovereignty and people's personal freedom

Please help us access mainstream media to inform the public of the corruption of science. Help us give honest scientists a public voice. You can make a donation here.

Our taxes are being used to pollute science. Now they want more tax.

Nature image Please ask your members of federal parliament to take action to end the corruption by demanding a royal commission or independent judicial investigation requiring evidence under oath to investigate the corruption of science. Offer them your vote and support if they vote against any carbon dioxide tax or 'trading scheme'.

Parliamentary contact details:
House of Representatives: list of Members
Senate: list of Senators

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What you can do

Nature is not on the UN's payroll and cannot be bought. Yet Nature needs our help by listening to her real-world evidence.

Join The Galileo Movement - donate to stop carbon dioxide taxes

Donations will buy media space for communicating to Australians the means for protecting freedom.

Help us inform voters about climate so they awaken and influence politicians. Help us give honest scientists the opportunity to speak freely on climate to inform politicians.

We need informed members of parliament to be conscious of the consequences of their vote. After June 30, 2011 only 150 votes matter - members of the House of Representatives. Please join us in ensuring their votes count and are based on sound understanding of real-world climate science.

They vote on your behalf. It is you they represent.

2. Introduce The Galileo Movement to your network of friends, colleagues and contacts

3. Reassure and inform yourself by discovering real-world climate science

4. Spread understanding of climate reality - download material for free and discuss it among friends and relatives.

Spread understanding of real-world climate:
- Talk with family, friends and workmates about climate reality. Send them to this site and affiliated sites;
- Invite as many people as possible to invest two minutes answering six simple questions testing the government's distortion of perceptions on carbon dioxide
- Show people the colourful proportions of carbon dioxide molecules in air and in Earth's annual production of CO2;
- As documents are created, download, print and circulate the flyer, palm card (link to card), Sound bites (click on the link), Documents;
- Reclaim the genuine environmental movement hijacked by political activists - speak out to spread the real-world climate science to protect our environment. The genuine environmental movement is one of Earth's most important and needs to be reclaimed and scoured of political ideology.
Stop the spread of unfounded, soul-destroying fear and guilt

5. Join The Galileo Freedom Corps currently being designed (click on the link):

Nature image Register for volunteer work. We have no idea what we need yet. Our first member and donor is a pensioner passionate about protecting freedom and scientific integrity. He has a phone account enabling unlimited phone calls and registered his name to help make phone calls if that need arises.

- Volunteer in activities of the Galileo Movement and affiliated organisations;
- Please send us your ideas for activities and for spreading the word

6. Vote in our survey to make your voice heard

7. Add your weight to The Galileo Movement's brief survey for use with MP's

8. Actively participate - what you can do to stop carbon dioxide taxes

You can: - Join the Galileo Corps when it forms. Register your interests and skills

- Encourage people to join and support our Galileo Movement for freedom;

- Move your Members of Parliament. Find your local member and federal senators here:
- Electorate representative:
- Senators:
Telephone, e-mail and write letters.
Ask them some of our basic questions listed for you.

- Contact people sharing your desire to protect freedom. Support each other.

9. Speakers Gallery - professional or voluntary speakers you can use to inform your community or organisation (click on link to this page) to stop carbon dioxide taxes and restore science

To arrange a speaker or subject for media interview, please contact the individuals directly:
- Bob Carter
- Jennifer Marohasy
- Malcolm Roberts
- list being compiled
Subject to work priorities Lenore may assist to make contact.

Make all arrangements directly with the speakers themselves. The Galileo Movement is not a speakers' agency, we merely introduce.