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High school students and parents, here is a Powerpoint presentation and a speech by a Grade 10 high school student.
The ALP is facing record low polls & Prime Minister Gillard's leadership is dead.
We have a chance. We have a chance.
We need your help please to create a storm across Australia

Please contact Members of Parliament. Your local MP. Your senator in Canberra for your state. ALP MPs in marginal seats. Independents Oakeshott, Windsor and Wilkie.
We have drafted this letter to make it easier for you to use whatever parts you want from it.

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  • Alan Jones, radio 2GB
    Interview with Professor Richard Lindzen 17 May 2011 (5.12MB)
  • Alan Jones, radio 2GB
    Interview with Malcolm Roberts, our project manager 18 May 2011 (5.03MB)
  • Alan Jones, radio 2GB
    Interview with Prof. David Karoly 25 May 2011 (10.50MB)
  • Alan Jones, radio 2GB
    Interview with Prof. Timothy Ball 27 May 2011 (7.40MB)
  • Alan Jones, radio 2GB
    Interview with Prof. Bob Carter 31 May 2011 (7.40MB)
  • Alan Jones, radio 2GB
    Interview with Dr Vincent Gray 8th June 2011 (7.40MB)

  • Alan Jones, radio 2GB
    Interview with John Mclean 20th June 2011 (4.90MB)
  • Steve Price/Andrew Bolt, radio 2GB
    Interview with Jennifer Marohasy 29th September 2015 (6.43MB)

  • Alan Jones, radio 2GB
    Interview with Malcolm Roberts 22nd June 2016 (2.70MB)

Youtube video of the Galileo Movement's project manager Malcolm Roberts being interviewed by James Darby:
Part 1 - The tax and the economics
Part 2 - The corruption of the science
Video of Professor Bob Carter's address to The Heartland Institute in the USA

Video of a speech by Godfrey Bloom MEP (UKIP) to the European Parliament 20th October 2009

"The Great Global Warming Swindle" - full version on Youtube.

Speakers at the Sixth International Conference on Climate Change.

Video from Menzies House on the science around carbon dioxide.

CERN Experiment - Youtube video. Dr. Jasper Kirkby talks about the results of the study that indicates solar activity has played a larger role in climate change than the global warming alarmists would like us to know.

Releases by The Galileo Movement
  • The Galileo Movement media release 23rd May 2011
  • Our response to the Climate Commission's unscientific 'Key Messages' in its report: 'The Critical Decade'.
  • Our flyer. Please print it out and distribute it or ask us for supplies.

Letter from the Galileo Movement to Craig Thompson MP. "To fulfill your commitment to the electorate you must vote against the tax on carbon dioxide currently before parliament."

An important article of the man-made global warming dogma is the belief that global sea-levels will rise dramatically, causing the forced migration of hundreds of millions of people. This paper by Dr Gerrit van der Lingen discusses it and points out the fallacies.

Transcript of a speech given by retired CSIRO chief research scientist Art Raiche at the Canberra rally on 16th August 2011.

Ross Fitzgerald in The Weekend Australian on 30th July 2011:
PM's ghost has come back to haunt

United States Senate Report - 'Consensus' Exposed: The CRU Controversy

Email from John Cribbes to Cameron Stewart (The Australian)
Get your bathers on for sea level hoax

Email from Stanford Lifschitz to Tim Switzer (IPA)
The debate sponsored by The Spectator on Wednesday evening was exciting

Wind farms use fossil fuels for construction and operation. PDF 524KB. An article by Gary Johns in The Australian on 28th July 2015. Available also at
Contributions provided by Michael Spencer

Senate misled on climate science. Comments by William Kininmonth on the evidence given by Chief Scientist Dr. Alan Finkel - Chief Scientist at Senate Hearing October 2016

  1. All in a good cause.pdf
  2. David Evans Statement.pdf
  3. Doomed Planet.pdf
  4. enron-and-agw.pdf
  5. The Great American Bubble Machine.pdf
    [Note: the statements in "The Great American Bubble Machine.pdf" are not necessarily the opinion of The Galileo Movement and the widely distributed article is provided for general information]
  6. Enron and Kyoto.pdf
  7. dissenting-report.pdf
  8. The Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming Scam.pdf
  9. Cool Heads Needed on Global Warming.pdf
  10. cloud-observations.pdf
  11. Organic-Pollution-Fix.pdf
  12. propellor-blade-stresses.pdf
  13. Shamantra-Overview-with-Comparative-Table-and-Lab.-Test-Photos.pdf
Terry Cardwell worked 25 years for the Electricity Commission of NSW working, commissioning and operating the various power units. His last commission was at the Munmorah Power Station near Newcastle, with four (very large!) 350 MW power generating units. The following two articles are by him:

Based on a powerful presentation by Professor David Archibald, Michael Spencer has built a mammoth, diverse collection of material on global warming. Michael's material is entertaining and provides links and facts valuable for people interested in global warming and drivers of unfounded climate alarm.
Read the introduction - Should you really be alarmed (PDF 20,158KBs).
ReconsideringClimateChange.ppsx (113MB), updated 17th March 2017.
PowerPoint 97 or later is required to view it but you can download a viewer from Microsoft if you don't have it installed.
Installation / viewing instructions

Des Moore's messages
  1. Truth is that Garnaut is partisan [Greg Sheridan in The Australian, 16th June 2011]
    "Ross Garnaut has the policy paradigm, and a lot else, completely wrong on the Gillard government's proposed carbon tax."

Independent contribution by John Penhallurick
Independent contributions by Richard Pearson and Peter Champness:
Independent contributions by Marjorie Rose Neal, MSc
Climate Change booklet - MarjorieRoseNealMSc1.pdf (3,446kb)
Card and Bookmark - MarjorieRoseNealMSc2.pdf (635kb)

Marjorie-Rose has given us permission to post her booklet. She had Bob Carter check the booklet. We're supporting people to think and communicate for themselves.